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As toddlers begin to master language and mobility, they discover a whole new world around them! They begin to interact on a more complex level with their peers, parents and teachers. At The Children's Center, we strongly encourage toddlers to practice their self-help skills, make appropriate choices and build their problem solving skills, all of which will help build self esteem.

Our teachers provide an unparalleled level of interaction and individual nurturing through their daily activities. The toddler curriculum includes:

Our toddler rooms are staffed at a 1:7 teacher to child ratio.

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Goals for Young Toddlers

Goal 1: To learn about themselves

Goal 2: To learn about their feelings

Goal 3: To learn about others

Goal 4: To learn about communicating

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Goal 5: To learn about moving and doing

Goal 6: To acquire thinking skills

These goals are detailed at the Parent/Teacher Conferences.